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Want to help students and parents with college funding?


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The Power of Working Together

Are you aware that a college education will average $40,000 to $100,000 and most are not financially prepared?

Click here to request information now.Each year we assist thousands of college bound students. For over 90% of the students and parents we meet, we are able to provide services and funding that would have gone unclaimed due to lack of understanding of the complicated processes and negotiations that are required to receive maximum financial aid. We have provided information and funding for thousands of families who discovered how THE POWER OF WORKING TOGETHER made college a reality for their students.

This is accomplished through little known techniques and starts with an evaluation of your accomplishments and objectives which you may present at the bottom of this page. We then conduct a brief interview over the Internet or by phone, to determine eligibility and a written commitment is sent to your family. On average, we contact 30 to 60 colleges interested in recruiting you and make a written letter of introduction to the schools which will offer the most funding.  Be careful as you use scholarship searches on the internet.  Click here for some tips on what to watch out for.

Have you ever wondered . . .




How is it possible for middle and upper income families to pay close to nothing for their children's education?

How to find colleges that will give the best financial aid packages -- more FREE money, less loans?

How can you get money by filing the complicated financial aid forms accurately and on time?

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Our Mission

Assisting parents and students in locating schools, public or private, that will match the student's goals and objectives.  CLICK HERE to request a personal interview to learn more about how you can make immediate headway toward your college education or send an email message to:

Immediate information will be sent to your email mailbox.  Our Service will make certain that no committed student leaves college for lack of funds.

Company Profile

Circle of Neighbors is a community based service organization working through consultants in your community to provide no-nonsense information about how to acquire the funding students need to attend the college of their choice.

Through 2003, over 40,000 students and families have visited our site.  We provide valuable one to one consulting to parents and students during an important time in their life.

We are proud to have many satisfied members who have achieved their objective for higher education.  Our director, has become a well known expert in the field of College Funding Consulting.

Circle of Neighbors offers no financial products directly to their members.  The focus is on advise and solid information to help make dreams come true.

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